PreCrime is predictive security

Predicting threats

Our autonomous PreCrime™ platform uses behavioral AI to predict, block, and preempt malicious campaigns before they impact your business.

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Stop attacks before they happen

Powered by four patented AI/ML algorithms and advanced graph databases, PreCrime™ identifies malicious domains before they cause harm. Our evolutionary learning technology is constantly improving anomaly identification, while reducing false positives to 0.05%, enabling organizations to stop attacks in less than seven minutes. 

+ 6M
Threats delivered

89 Days
Avg prediction time

< 3%
Overlap w/ other TI

One platform for all industries

Every organization has unique security challenges. We want to be part of your solution.


Predict and stop costly phishing scams by shutting down fake domains and social media impersonators before they can steal from your customers and damage your reputation.


Avoid operational disruptions. BforeAI safeguards critical assets and protects against downtime, ensuring smooth production and customer satisfaction.


Brandjacking and fake promotions cost customers and sales. BforeAI predicts and eliminates online threats, safeguarding brand image and protecting consumer trust.


BforeAI automates DNS attack remediation by identifying, flagging, and removing malicious infrastructure and content, preemptively minimizing the risk of a successful attack.

Sourcing our own ground truth

Our network of sensors and collectors monitors NRDs and changing URLs to capture behavioral data associated with malicious intent.

Data ingested

TLDs covered

False positive

Predicting attacks with AI

Discover how a leading Italian bank successfully stopped +20 phishing and impersonation attacks with PreCrime Brand.

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Operationalize our data through our solutions

PreCrime Brand

Security teams proactively protect their brand assets by enabling predictive monitoring, adversary disruption services, and automated infrastructure takedowns.

PreCrime Intelligence

Security teams proactively block malicious network traffic thanks to the first predictive domain threat intelligence feed.

Volksbank saved $800k in 15 days

Discover how a leading Italian bank successfully stopped +20 phishing and impersonation attacks with PreCrime Brand.