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BforeAI’s PreCrime engine guards your brand proactively. Our predictive security solution identifies and takes down threats, securing your brand from financial and reputational harm. Stop fraudsters before they strike

Companies leading with predictive cybersecurity

Premptive savings,
not reactive cleanup.

Stop counting losses, start counting wins. BforeAI is the future of online brand protection, using AI to predict and eliminate threats before they even emerge saving time, money & your reputation.

< 7 min
threat to quarantine

avg time of takedown


Seamless compliance with
no-touch threat disruption

Existing solutions are too slow, leaving your brand vulnerable. BforeAI automates online brand protection and threat removal, ensuring uptime & compliance without slowing your operations.

< 7 min
threat to quarentine

avg time of takedown


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Hype Cycle for Security Operations 2023
Hype Cycle for IT Management Intelligence 2023

Volksbank saved €800k in 12 days

Discover how a leading Italian bank successfully stopped +20 phishing and impersonation attacks with PreCrime Brand.

Find your right use case

Native API connections to security solutions you already use to ease integration and preserve your investments.

Financial sector

Stop phishing scams before they steal trust & billions. BforeAI predicts & shuts down fake domains & social media impersonators, protecting your customers & reputation.


Avoid operational disruptions. BforeAI safeguards critical assets & protects against downtime, ensuring smooth production & customer satisfaction.


Brandjacking & fake promotions  cost customers & sales. BforeAI predicts & eliminates online threats, safeguarding brand image & protecting consumer trust.

Predicting threats with AI

Download our DNS Filter Benchmark Analysis for an insider’s view. Discover why BforeAI dominates with unmatched threat identification, speed, and accuracy.

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